Coral Springs Improvement District
Water Treatment Plant Improvements
ADS Engineering provided RO Plant Control System programming for the new RO plant, SCADA design, integration of new and existing control systems and system startup. RO system is based on eight existing wells and three new, three RO skids with dedicated feedwater pumps.

Project Highlights:
  • Design PLC control software and SCADA system for the redundant hot backup PLC processors, with remote input/output panels, redundant fiber optic communication data highway for the monitoring and control of on site plant systems, to enable fully automatic, semi-automatic and full manual control of the system.
  • Software provides control for pretreatment systems including sand separation, acid addition, and cartridge filtration; membrane treatment including feedwater pumping, nanofiltration treatment, and associated membrane cleaning facilities; post-treatment including degasification, off gas odor control, blended water clearwell storage, disinfection, chemical addition for water stabilization and transfer pumping.
  • Designing SCADA control system screens for the new RO plant.
  • Migrating SCADA screens for the existing water plant from FIX7.0 to new iFIX 5.1.
  • Monitoring system's normal and emergency power through PLC software and SCADA
  • Provided alarm and historical monitoring and trending with the usage of iFIX historical.
  • Implemented advanced algorithms for RO system and transfer pumping to provide flexible system control.

Coral Springs Improvement District




Current project

Total Project Cost: $17,000,000.00