North Springs Improvement District
Water Treatment Plant Improvements RO
ADS Engineering provided electrical and instrumentation design for the NSID Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant and related systems. Plant consists of three RO skids expandable to additional two in the future; pretreatment sand strainers and cartridge filters; pre and post treatment chemical systems; degasification; transfer system and concentrate disposal. Project also included implementation of new plant-wide control system that included the integration of the existing Water Treatment Plant. ADS Engineering currently is providing construction services for electrical and I&C disciplines. Also, ADS is providing complete SCADA (PLC and HMI) programming for this project.

Project Highlights:
  • Design of new main switchgear for normal and emergency electrical power distribution, to furnish electrical power to new facility.
  • Addition of a 1750 KW emergency diesel power generator with automatic transfer switch.
  • Design of new motor control centers.
  • Design of new main building electrical equipment room and two electrical equipment buildings.
  • Implementation of variable frequency drives.
  • General area lighting/convenience power and grounding
  • Power supply for the process building and auxiliary buildings HVAC systems and main building elevator.
  • Fire Alarm system.
  • LAN/ControlNet/Communications systems.
  • Design of plantwise control system with hot backup redundant PLC system with Remote Input Output panels, redundant fiber optic communication data highway for the monitoring and control of on site plant systems for the operation of the RO Plant and redundant SCADA system.
  • Instrumentation implementation.
  • Design control and monitoring strategies for automated plant start up to include pretreatment systems, acid addition, and cartridge filtration; membrane treatment including feedwater pumping, interstage pumping, reverse osmosis treatment, and associated membrane cleaning facilities; post-treatment including degasification, off gas odor control, blended water clearwell storage, disinfection, chemical addition for water stabilization, and transfer pumping.

North Springs Improvement District


Project design completed in 03, 2011

Construction in process

Total Project Cost Estimated: $21,000,000.00