Palm Beach County
East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility
Reclaim Facility for FPL WCEC
ADS Engineering provided Plant Control System programming for the new Reclaim plant, SCADA design, integration of new and existing plant control systems and system startup. ECR FPL Reclaim Facility provides fresh water for the FPL West County Energy Center (WCEC).
The control system can be perceived as two separate control systems - one provides fresh water and fills the Chlorine Contact Storage Tank and the second takes water from the tank and pumps it to the FPL WCEC, providing the predefined constant pressure/flow

Project Highlights:
  • Creating program for Siemens PLC S7-300 for the Reclaimed Water System.
  • Creating network configuration for Profibus network to interface remote IOs and configuring interface for the PLC and SCADA system.
  • Creating SCADA Screens in iFIX 5.0
  • System startup and testing in phases while maintaining plant operations.

East Central Regional

Water Reclamation Facility



WSW Engineering, Inc.


Project design completed in 08, 2010

Total Project Cost: $21,000,000.00

Project Challenges

The nature of the project was to have two clients: the ECR Plant that provides water to the Reclaim Facility and FPL on the other side, that uses water from the Reclaim Facility.

The first challenge was on the entrance of the Reclaim Facility: On the same pipeline there is a branch to ECR Deep Injection Wells and another is a discharge to Reclaim Facility. The pressure and flow need to be balanced in order to take all water that is coming from the plant and in the same time retain the pressure of water for the Deep Injection Wells, which are kept open all the time of operation.

ADS Engineering came up with a smart PID controller that tries to match flow requirements from the FPL, while at the same time clamping the pressure to minimum value above the pressure of the wells.

The second task was to create control for the four large pumps which are pumping out the reclaimed water to the FPL WCEC, 21 mile away.