Palm Beach County
Plant 2 - PLC Upgrade - Clearwell & Transfer Pump Station
For the Plant 2 which operates controlled by a Control Logix PLC and IO modules, ADS Engineering provided new and improved control for the Clearwell transfer system and created tags for the existing HMI.
Programming is performed for four clearwell transfer pumps and miscellaneous valves. PLC control included advanced level control algorithm for improved pump usage efficiency.

Project Highlights:
  • Design new PLC control software for PLC5 for Clearwell level control and miscellaneous equipment.
  • Implement advanced algorithm for Clearwell transfer pumps level control.
  • Tag database import for IGS driver and iFIX 5.5 provided.
Software Tools Used:
  • Allen Bradley RSLogix5000

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department

Water Treatment Plant #2

2956 Pinehurst Dr

Lake Worth, FL 33467


Carollo Engineers, Inc

Chris Reinbold

9897 Lake Worth Rd., Suite 302

Lake Worth, FL 33467


Completed in September 2016