Palm Beach County
Plant 3 - RO Plant - PLC Upgrade
For the RO Plant 3 system upgrade, where complete Allen Bradley PLC 5 system and remote IOs were replaced with Control Logix PLC platform and IO modules, ADS Engineering converted and improved the control program, created tags and updated HMI driver interface.
Conversion included the finished converted program OPC emulation and troubleshooting prior to the installation.
The installation itself has been made in phases. Separate systems were upgraded one by one, to minimize chance of possible errors.

Project Highlights:
  • Converted plant control PLC software.
  • Created communication drivers and HMI database imports.
  • Applied the PLC redundancy with the redundant hot backup PLC processors, with remote input/output panels, redundant fiber optic communication data highway for the monitoring and control of on site plant systems, to enable fully automatic, semi-automatic and full manual control of the system.
  • Implemented advanced algorithms for RO system and transfer pumping to provide flexible system control.
Software Tools Used:
  • Allen Bradley RSLogix5
  • Allen Bradley RSLogix5000

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department

Water Treatment Plant #3

13026 Jog Rd

Delray Beach, FL 33484


Completed in 2014