HMI/SCADA Design and Programming

Modern process management requires the possibility to view information of current process on screens, review archived data, and interact with the process control equipment from a centralized remote location. Our instrumentation and control/SCADA team designs systems to enable humans and machines to interface efficiently and effectively.

A well-designed SCADA system provides the competitive edge by providing the ability to analyze data faster, monitor quality, react to potential problems quicker, and reduce downtime which ultimately results in cost savings and quality production.

SCADA and HMI Platforms:

  • Allen Bradley: RS View, PanelView
  • GE Fanuc / Intellution: Fix32, iFix
  • Wonderware: InTouch, InSQLL Server, Active Factory Telvent
  • Omron: CX-Server, CX-Supervisor
  • Siemens: WinCC
  • Mapple Systems: Easy Builder
  • Citect
  • XL Reporter
  • Iconics
  • Festo: Zenon (WipWin)
  • T.A.C. Vista

Network Communication Protocols One of the most important features of the modern control system is the ability to distribute control and information over the wide area, thus creating a distributed control and acquisition system. To enable control equipment communication, a diverse network protocols are developed.

ADS Engineering assists our clients in the creation of applications in which information is linked via the integration of hardware, software and network communications components.

We customize system architecture to enable interoperable communications across multiple platforms and protocols, such as:

  • Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Modbus, ModBus Plus
  • Profibus
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • DH+
  • DeviceNet
  • DeviceNet
  • ControlNet
  • CAN