Palm Beach County - Southern Region WRF
Digester Bio Gas System Control
ADS Engineering provided programming for the Digester Bio Gas facility to control usage of the produced bio gas by the power generator, boilers and other systems.

Project Highlights:
  • Created PLC software for interfacing with Bio Gas Generators, Gas Cleaning System and Main Generators PLC.
  • Implemented advanced algorithms for Bio Gas Generators controls based on available Bio Gas in Digesters. The control algorithm sequencing the Bio Gas generators based on available Bio Gas and monitor Main power feed for power peaks and start Bio Gas Generators to prevent power peaks on high demand hours of day. Also implemented is the advanced peak shave logic.
  • Created SCADA screens and SCADA database import files for iFIX 5.5.
Software Tools Used:
  • Allen Bradley RSLogix5000

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department

Southern Region Water Reclamation Facility

David Dalton

12751 Hagen Ranch Rd

Boynton Beach, FL 33437


Project completed in 08, 2012